Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello 2013

I love this time of year...... a whole year stretching ahead, empty diaries waiting to be filled with fun things. Plans and thoughts of how to spend the year, do things a bit differently this time.... hopes and fears for what is to come.

As this is primarily a sewing blog, I won't bore you with the non sewing related ideas I have for 2013, but I looked back at my thoughts at the beginning of 2012. (You can see them here)

How did I get on with my intentions for 2012?

1) Participate in a sewing swap - any good (and not too difficult ones) that anyone could recommend would be good.

I have enjoyed three swaps this year..... mouthy stitches and scrappy swap

2) Do another Sew Mama Sew give away

Yes, did this in December

3) Work out what exactly a 'bee' is, and hopefully make some squares to go towards a bee or charity quilt.

Oooo I definately know what a Bee is now! I have enjoyed a year of the Stash Bee, and sending blocks to Bee Blessed, and joined the fabulous HipBees part way through the year.

4) Make a small quilt

Well if you count my Christmas table runner and Dad's bookshelf quilt then yes (wouldn't really keep more than one knee warm, but hey)

5) Get my sewing machine serviced!

Yes.... it was slightly quieter for a while!

6) But...... huge excitement for me in 2012 - with trepidation I have booked a one day ticket for the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat in London.

One of the highlights of my year was my day in London at the retreat last year.

So..... what would I like to acheive in 2013

1) I have set myself the challenge to make all the gifts that my kids give to their friends for birthdays.

2) Finish the quilt I have started

3) Do some more craft fairs

4) I will be Queen Bee twice this year..... so that's 2 more quilts to complete

5) Get a new sewing machine....... (this might well be possible as I have a big birthday coming up this year)

6) Hopefully our little 'Stitching it Together' group will continue and thrive and have fun sewing together.

So, starting as I mean to go on, the first birthday is here...... I have made this apron using this fab tutorial for a 4 year old. And will give this with a packet cookie mix and kids icing set. That's one down. I have decided each time I make something to also make a spare (so if birthdays surprise me there will be a stock, and these could go towards my next craft fair).


The scooter bag is finished.............

And Bee Blessed blocks for this month. They are for a Mums and Babies HIV unit in Ireland, this is an illness close to my heart so I might even make a few more, they were quick to whip up. Anyone else fancy joining in with Bee Blessed - then have a look here.

Which were made much easier with my new 12.5 inch grid that I was given for Christmas.....

This blog post has taken about a week to complete, because the button I usually use to upload my photos has disappeared!  Thanks so much to all of you who made suggestions for new ways to upload photos, I have managed to fetch these from my flickr photostream..... I really need to update my techy skills!

Happy New Year



  1. Looks like you laid some great foundations in 2012 for a fabulous stitching year in 2013. Love the apron and thank you for the great Bee blocks!

  2. Isn't it satisfying to review your aspirations you had a year ago and realise that you have done them and grown in your sewing skills. I think that you have set yourself some good goals for 2013 although making all the birthday presents will keep you really busy. I like the thought of doing them two at a time. Did x

  3. Well done uploading your pics T! That's one very cute apron, and good idea making extras for craft fairs. Here's to a successful & creative 2013! Jxo

  4. Hope you have a great year Tanya - it sounds like you will be keeping yourself busy! Will I get to see you again at FQR?

  5. Sounds like a great year of making!Cool scooter bag, and apron. Good gift to give, with make your own and decorate cookies. Should go down well.