Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A day late for Fresh sewing

This was meant to be done yesterday - but you know how it is with time, it just seems to slip away.

So, I am linking up with

Lily's Quilts

And letting you all know what I made during October.

Now that I add it all up, I am quite proud of myself (the fact that there has been no dusting, hoovering or ironing done this month is immaterial!)

- Two pairs of oven gloves
- One messenger bag
- One knitting bag
- One softie dinasour
- One softie elephant
- One softie monster
- One apron

Here are the photos...........

 I know this apron looks huge - but it's not really, and it's for my Mum when she does her painting and I wanted it to wrap right around so paint would not get on her clothes!  (It's her birthday today, so she will be unwrapping this tomorrow)

 Can you see the softies - they think they are camoflaged!!

 This elephant is on his way to baby Harry who is one this week.

 The monster is going to Ben - again one this week.

 And Daisy the dinasour to Maisy.....

Well it's such a great sunny day here.......... so best get out and make the most of it  :)


  1. Lots of lovely makes. That green bag is great and I'm sure mum will love her birthday present!

  2. Phew, you've been busy! There's also some deja-vu going on as I've just made a very similar apron for my sister & my Mum has requested a bag for her Christmas present...

  3. You've had a busy month - love the elephant!

  4. I'm in love with that green and brown print bag! Gorgeous! And the softies are adorable. I know the kids will love them!
    Thanks for linking up @ This Week!