Sunday, 13 November 2011

A crafty birthday!

Yesterday it was my birthday..... and in the true spirit of living simply, and thriftily, I had asked for mainly hand made or second hand presents. (plus a few new things to help with my sewing and recycling)

And, wow did people do a fabulous job, I had such a wonderful day, opening some brilliant presents.

First prize goes to Tracy who made me three things....

The photos don't do these justice, the knitted cushion cover is lovely and soft with great textures in the knitting, and it's just the right colour for my bedroom.  The battenburg tea cosy, is not only fun and cute, but fits on my favourite tea pot (reserved for peppermint and lapsang souchong tea - see pic below!), and the jar is a 'heart in a jar' and contains all the fabric, ribbon, lavender, buttons and stuffing to make a fabric scented heart - what a cute idea (I might just pinch this idea for some Christmas pressies!)

Second prize goes to Nathan and Rachel who found treasure in a thrift store.....

The zips and lace and buttons will no doubt find their way into a project...... and can you see the button tin?  I giggled and giggled and reminisced no end when I opened this, as my Granny had the exact same tin to commemorate the engagement of Charles and Di years ago, and I always rather liked it (being of the age then when engagements and wedding seemed intrigueing!), and so the tin alone (I have a bit of a thing for collecting tins) would have been a good choice for me, but when it was full to bursting of an old collection of buttons I was thrilled.  This was clearly the button hoard of someone who has cut the buttons off coats and shirts and tops for years and years - and popped them in this tin..... so how great that I can give them a second chance.

Third prize goes to Mark - for my cutting mat and cutting knife...... there will be no stopping me now, and also no more excuses to wonky cutting and estimated lengths and widths!  I haven't used it yet, but might just christen it tonight! (look out for it in future photos on this blog)

Here are the birthday girls!



  1. Belated Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you have had a great day :-)

  2. Happy birthday!! Your new (old!) button tin sounds amazing!!