Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July - that means we can see the holiday on the calendar!

Wow, can it be July already? ......  Now that we have turned the calendar over to this month I am getting excited, as we can see the stickers which mean our holiday is on it's way!

So, that means I have got cracking with the teachers end of term presents.  I had strict instructions that Mrs D loves owls, and so Hope chose this fabric herself, and helped make the pencil case.

There were no clear hints for Mrs Penny, so these wonderful wellies will do nicely.

And, I am not sure why these photos are all so dark, I think some little fingers have put the camera onto a strange setting?  But (only a year late - huge apologies hipbee mates) I have finished Eden's tree quilt.  It was meant for her birthday last December, so will now be squirrelled away for the next one!





Thank you to everyone who made such beautiful tree blocks for me, I love it, and I am sure she will too.


  1. Love the little matching teacher gifts you made. The tree quilt looks fabulous - hope your daughter loves it! And, yay for holidays getting closer!

  2. This quilt is really beautiful, I am so glad we all helped with it for you.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Love the trees and what lucky teachers.

  4. Lucky teachers, those are gorgeous gifts ! The quilt is beautiful too, I'm sure it'll be a very well loved present (and I bet it feels great knowing that's one less thing to finish!)