Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Weekender by the Sea

It's finished.

I started my weekender bag during a lovely sewing day with the East Midlands Modern Quilting Guild back in April (I think, so long ago now).  A lot of Quilting as You Go was done that day, but the hard graft of making all the panels and then all the assembling of the bag has been done at home since then.

 All the equipment

Panels being Quilted.

 My first attempt at making cording.....

Starting to assemble the bag.

It was really helpful to hear other people's tips from weekender bags they had made.  I liked Di's idea for some internal zippy pockets, so I did two. (One in the outer pocket, and one big one inside the bag)

Then I snuck in some gathered elasticated pockets - one for a water bottle

and another big one inside to stuff 'things' in.

I have brought it on holiday to Cornwall with me..... so here goes for lots of gratuitous photos of my weekender bag by the sea!!

I also bought my sewing machine with me this week..... so lots of sewing has been going on.  Days on the beach, evenings sewing and cream teas.  The perfect ingredients for a holiday.



  1. What a brilliant bag. I think yours is the best for extra pockets and adaptions. I may one day get round to making one myself. I bought all the stuff and started then fell out of love with it x

  2. I love it the piping looks fab and really stands out. Hope you have a good holiday. x

  3. I'm so loving this version!! Your piping is perfect and all your extra pockets are the business!

  4. Fab mods, well done for finishing it!

  5. Beautiful bag! I really like the qayg on the front, its aa if you've created your own fabric :D enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  6. Now I have heard everything- she takes her sewing machine on holiday! Not that I haven't been tempted, but, I think himself would have a fit!

    And she poses beautifully for you! Perhaps you should also take photos of her enjoying the local food, and days down on the beach, or at the park...


  7. This is gorgeous !! I want one! Loving the sewing machine on holiday idea!

  8. Fabulous bag, and well done for taking the sewing macine

  9. Fab weekender! Glad you are havin a great hols.

  10. Stunning weekender T! Enjoy your hols! Jxo

  11. Fantastic bag!!! The piping is such a great contrast... love it! Sounds like the perfect holiday.

  12. Thanks for sharing...
    So ingenuity you are !!!!


  13. ooh!I like .. the bag and the scenery xx

  14. brilliant! just beautiful - well done x