Friday, 12 October 2012

This week.......

This week has felt like a month...........

There was Brownie pack holiday away, which was a Charlie and the Chocolate factory weekend, during which I was referred to as Verucca Salt all weekend (quite surreal really).

We made mini pizzas out of chocolates and sweets.

We ate a LOT of chocolate (here is Hope cheating at the chocolate game).  And I got more sleep than I usually do at home!!!

In between working four (very emotionally draining) days this week I also managed,

the completion of my mouthy stitches 2 swap bag and key ring.

The front...............

 The back................

My first ever attempt at an internal pocket - will definately be giving this another go, I love it.....

The keyring - poor photo taken in the dark, sorry!

My partner has been silent throughout the swap, and doesn't seem to have commented on anyone's pictures, but I haven't seen her comment on mine, so it has been a lot of guess work, and I really hope she likes the bag - apparantly her favourite colours are purple and grey.... and favourite things are sausage dogs.........  so I have thought a lot about her while I tried my hardest to make something that she will love to use.  This bag will be winging it's way to America soon.

Then we also had the first evening of 'Stitching it Together' this week.  Which was so lovely.  There were five of us, Moira and Di both came along which was lovely, and I adored and admired Moira's latest quilt, and drooled over Di's latest bag (and am on a mission to get the pattern and have a go myself).  And Hannah and Helen to local friends came, sadly Ingrid had a migraine, but hopefully we will meet up next week instead.  We are going to have another 'Stitching it Together' evening next month, when Hannah will be giving us a crash course on crochet.....  watch this space.

Finally, I have also been nipping to our local wool shop (click here for my post about Joan's shop) on a Thursday night for my hand stitching sew an owl cushion course.  It's hopefully going to look something like the one below when it is finished, but hand sewing is SLOW and I am not naturally a slow hand sewing type of person...... 

I am thinking of cheating a bit and whizzing some of it through the machine this week, ready for the next evening class.

But while at my class I learnt about Kisko a fabric guild shop in Leicester, and it just happened to be open today, and me and Lou just happened to be free, and we just happened to pop down there and I accidentally came away with a bag of goodies!  I can't show any peeks because there were birthday and Christmas presents bought for special people that are in the bag.  But I did treat myself to a few cute fat quarters which were just 99p each. And stocked up on some bargain calico and cotton.

So I would like a calm, relaxing weekend with plenty of me time........ no chance!



  1. Di said she had had a nice evening with you all. Arn't silent partners a let down: why join up if you're not going to join in - it's happened to me before too

  2. So great that you all had fun on your Stitchy night. I am in awe of your internal pocket - very well done!

  3. My what a busy week you've had! I'm surprised anyone got any sleep after all that chocolate! Isn't it so lovely getting together with friends to sew! Jxo

  4. Had a lovely time at "stitching it together", was so nice to meet Moira and Di - I will be practicing the crochet in readiness for next time, was thinking simple beanie hat?!! I nearly broke the sewing machine out for the owl, but have decided to handstitch the whole lot - going to push my comfort zone!! Kisko sounds fantastic.Hx

  5. So many fun things in one post. My partner has been pretty quiet in the swap too. She's commented on a few things at the start but none of my pictures. It is disheartening and given the swap is for 'mouthy stitchers' I think the silent ones are missing the point. Worth mentioning to your swap mama before you post in case she's gone AWOL. Sounds like the sewing shop was full of goodies!

  6. I had such a lovely evening and the cake was out of this world! Thank you for your kind words about my quilt - it's all finished and in the wash so will be heading off to its new home soon. I'm hoping for a kisko visit soon as I'm out of wadding. #yourock

  7. What a week! The Charlie & The Chocolate Factory weekend looks like it was loads of fun. The Stitchy evening was really lovely and it was nice to meet the gang. I can't wait for the next one! Di x

  8. phew! what a busy old time of it cute bag and keyring! x